12:44 pm - Wed, Jun 13, 2012


Brigid is a native of Tasmania and so has a very soft native Australian accent, as well as being able to do RP as she’s been in London for 13 years.  She is bubbly and engaging and has a warm, friendly and approachable voice.  She is excellent at characters and has a wonderful sense of humour.

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1:40 pm - Thu, May 17, 2012

Maeve Leahy

Lovely, soft. lyrical Irish Voice.

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1:33 pm

Alexander Devrient

Wonderful Corporate and Animation in native German and French.

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11:22 pm - Tue, May 15, 2012

Abolaji Abimbola

Lovely, deep, rich & warm.  With a distinctive edge.

Originally from Nigeria, Abolaji has a wonderful, recognisable voice that can be  warm, natural & relaxing, but also authoritative & punchy. 

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11:09 pm

Fleur Poad

Fleur has a versatile, rich & enticing voice, great for commericals and also animation.    As well as a perfect  English accent,  Fleur does foreign language voice overs in German.

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11:08 pm

Asya O’ Flaherty

Husky northern.  Urban, energetic & young to smooth & sexy.

Asya’s natural voice is northern & very contemporary, but she can also sound very ‘London’ & has great RP. 

Asya’s flexibility is currently on show playing both Nala (young gentle female lion) and Shenzi (old demon female hyena) in Disney Theatrics, ‘The Lion King’ at the Lyceum Theatre in London’s West End.   And of course, Asya is a brilliant singer, too!

(Source: ww.sugarpodproductions.com)

11:05 pm

Anne O’ Brien

Melodic & clear Irish voice

Anne has a native Dublin voice of sophistication and charm.
From warm & seductive to upeat & bubbly.

Great Irish and American accents too:
'Wesht',Ulster,Cork,Deep South and New York - not to mention crystal clear 'R.P.'
- all rooted in a lifetime’s stage experience.

(Source: sugarpodproductions.com)

11:04 pm

Anoushka Mutanda-Dougherty

Young, clear & energetic! Kids voice.

Anoushka has a lovely energy, and is very natural.  At eight, she takes direction very well, better than most adults!

An impressive singer, Anoushka is great at upbeat promos, and animation voices. She has recently voiced several parts for the hugely popular kids animation series, ‘The Wonder Pets!’, for Nick Junior.

Anoushka has also landed the lead, ‘Jessie’ in ‘Annie Get Your Gun’  and is currently starring alongside Jane Horrocks and Julian Ovenden at the Young Vic.

'Richard Jones's brilliant production offers the wittiest musical staging London has seen in years.' - The Guardian

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11:02 pm

Anjula Mutanda

Smooh & sophisticated with a contemporary edge.

Anujula is a regualar pschologist on ITV1’s ‘This Morning’ and presenter of Channel 5’s ‘How to have Sex After Marriage’. 

Very versatile - from authoritative, reassuring reads to lively urban promos.

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11:00 pm

Hannah Lucas

Young, bright & girlish.  Very natural, wonderful upbeat promos & brilliant high energy character voices.

Hannah is a young actress who’s quirky, contemporary voice is great for promos and animations.

Hannah is currently playing the character ‘Ziggy’ in the hit stage show of the popular kids show, ‘Lazytown’.

(Source: sugarpodproductions.com)

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